Infant Learning and Development Laboratory

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Human social life requires understanding the intentions, perceptions and emotions that organize and motivate others’ actions. At the Infant Learning and Development Laboratory we investigate infants' and young children’s understanding of these aspects of the social world. We recruit behavioral experimental methods, including visual habituation paradigms, eye-tracking paradigms, and imitation paradigms, as tools to investigate infants’ action understanding. Our findings have revealed that even young infants see others’ actions as structured by intentions. We also study the factors that support the emergence of infants’ social cognition, in particular, the information that infants glean from their own experience as intentional agents.

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The Infant Learning and Development Laboratory is part of a large-scale collaborative research program project funded by the National Institutes of Health to provide critical new insights into the development of foundational human capacities. To learn more about the research work being done and our partners, visit the program project’s website.


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