Working as a Research Assistant at the Infant Learning and Development Laboratory is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in a developmental psychology lab!

There are many opportunities to for students to expand their skill set by:

  • Coding experimental data using programs like Interact and Tobii
  • Helping to run controlled experimental procedures
  • Learning how our online participant database works

Students help keep the lab running every day by:

  • Contacting parents about our studies to schedule appointments
  • Escorting families into and out of the lab
  • Babysitting siblings while the child is participating in the study

At our weekly lab meetings, students learn about current research projects in the lab, as well as related topics such as ethics in research.

For interested students, there are opportunities to pursue an original research project for an honors thesis. The honors thesis process involves:

  • Partnering with a graduate or postdoctoral researcher
  • Coming up with an original research question and designing a study
  • Running participants in this study which also involves consent and debriefing
  • Analyzing collected data
  • Writing up results in a thesis paper

Volunteer and work study opportunities are available.

Interested? Contact Chanell Kann,