Online Research Information

How is the Infant Learning and Development Lab conducting online research? 

We want to know how babies and children grow, think, and learn from others. We have short, fun online studies that you and your child can join to help our research. You can participate in these studies via Zoom or through online/phone surveys.

To thank you for participating in our online studies we provide:

  • A $5 or $10 Amazon gift card, depending on the length of the study
  • A virtual certificate for your child for Contributing to Science

Remote study FAQ

What equipment will I need to participate?

Most studies are currently taking place over Zoom, a video conferencing platform. All you need to participate is a computer or tablet/iPad/smartphone, a Zoom account, and an internet connection!

I am unfamiliar with Zoom- how does it work?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform similar to Skype. In order to join a Zoom call, you must first download Zoom and then click on the link sent to you by the researcher for your specific meeting. Once in the Zoom call, you may adjust your video and audio settings by using the controls in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can visit the Zoom FAQ page to find additional information!

What happens if there are technical issues?  

Technical issues may happen! The researcher running the study will do their best to minimize the possibility of technical issues and will attempt to resolve them quickly if they do occur.

How long do virtual studies take to complete?

Most appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes, but the study itself will only take about 10-15 minutes.

How do I sign up for a virtual study?

You can follow this link to sign up for our database or email us directly at Once your child is the right age for a study, we will email or call you to provide more information about that particular study. Included in that email will be a link to our online scheduling platform where you can find an available appointment time that works for you! After you choose a time, you will receive a confirmation email for your appointment.

There are multiple studies listed on Calendly, can I sign up for more than one? 

We ask that you only sign up for the study that you have been contacted for as each study has eligibility criteria that need to be met before participation. If you are interested in participating in more than one study, let us know and we can see if there is another study your child is eligible for!

I don’t live in Chicago, can I still participate?

Yes! All of our studies currently take place online and that makes them accessible to anyone within the United States. All we ask is that children are able to understand and speak English.

I have more than one child within the age range for a study, can they participate too?

They can! We can schedule all eligible children for one appointment time and they can participate back-to-back. We only ask that they don’t watch each other participate as that may influence how they answer during the study.

Can I stay with my child and watch the study?

You are certainly welcome to stay with your child as they complete the study but please refrain from suggesting answers or instructing the child as they participate.

What ages of children are eligible?

We currently have studies for children ages 6 months to 8 years.

If you have older kids, see the Center for Early Childhood Research for more labs that study kids 8 and up.