What does the Infant Learning and Development Lab do?

We want to know how babies and children grow, think, and learn from others. We have short, fun studies that you and your child can join to help our research. Our studies take 1 hour or less, and to thank you we provide:

  • $20 cash and free parking
  • Childcare for siblings
  • A book or toy for your child to take home
  • A certificate for your child for Contributing to Science

How can you help?

Since we can’t simply ask babies what they are thinking, we use other methods to investigate how babies are able to learn and understand the world. These methods can include playing fun games with a researcher or even watching movies on an eye tracking computer. With your assistance, we can begin to better understand what your baby is thinking!

Visiting our lab

What does a typical visit look like? Let us show you!

We are located on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park.

Once you arrive on campus, a member of our lab will greet you at the entrance to the parking lot on South University Ave, where we provide free parking.

If you are walking, then someone will wait for you in front of the building.

Our lab member will then walk you up to the second floor of Green Hall...

...to our waiting room, located in room G-215

From there, you will meet the researcher who will explain to you more in detail what exactly your child will be doing in this visit...

....while your child gets comfortable and gets ready to do science!

Once everything is taken care of, the fun begins!


What is the time commitment?
Most studies are usually 30 minutes and require only one visit to our lab.

Can I bring other children with me?
Of course! We have trained research assistants that can watch other children while you and the sibling participate in the study.

How can I receive more information?
You can fill out our online submission form, or you can give us a call at 773-834-9791.

How do I schedule an appointment?
After you have signed up with us and your child is the right age for a study, we will email or call you to give you more information about that particular study. We schedule appointments to best fit your schedule!

Will we receive compensation for participating?
Yes! All participants receive $10 or $20 cash, a book or toy for your child to take home, and a certificate for Contributing to Science. Free parking and childcare are provided during the study.